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This is only a small list of the available Ultima Resources - many of the pages below will link to ther sites. I'll be adding to this meagre lot (this stuff's from memory and bookmarks...)

Errinyes' Weyr
A very useful collection of pages, many dealing with getting Ultima to work with Win95 - which is very important now with Win95 OSR2 out.

Hidalgo Trading Company, Britannia Branch
If you're looking for Olde Ultima and related paraphenalia, then pop over to Fortran Dragon's home. As well as trading in rarities and old games, there's also a selection of Java games for the stressed Web wanderer, the Official rec.games.computer.ultima,dragons FAQ (updated regularly) and an alternate site for getting Ultima IV. Highly recommended

Lost Dragon Software
Proving that even a Dragon cannot live on Ultima alone, Lost has available much information on not just Ultima but Dungeon Bane, his pride and joy and sequel to DBQuest (also available for download)

The Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter
The home of the Ultima Dragons. If you call yourself an Ultima fan(atic), then perhaps you should join up here! One of the primary sources for links - but is getting a little dated. (Hey Fal - give us some new stuff!! Please?)

Minstrel Dragon's Homepage
A fine site for the Britannian music lover - the home of the best set of Ultima MIDI files as well as a directory of other Ultima Dragons' homepages.

Sith Dragon's Ultima Online / Ultima IX News
A Must See for all Ultima Fans, as this is the home of the Unofficial Ultima 9 FAQ (not currently maintained - takers wanted! Try the NG!), and has buckets of information, screenshots and other tidbits on this and Ultima Online

Kurse Dragons's Home Page
Home of Kurse Dragon (DUH!) and the entrance to the Ring of Dragons

Ultima: The Dark Core
An first class site written by A New Breed of Dragon, it is home to the Java / Javascript-based Adventure of the title, and offers a download of the game as well as "on-line" Play
The site states that it requires Netscape Communicator, but others claim to have played it with older versions. Well worth the effort!

Erraticus' Home
Another content rich site - the old rec.games.computer.ultima-dragons FAQ lives here, along with the Dragon Press, the Ultima Fan Fiction Collection

Polychromic's Home on the Web
The Homepage of Polychromic Dragon - some excellent coverage of general Win95 issues, and of course Ultima! Of most interest is the Ultima Online Theme for Win95, which I highly recommend!

The Dragon's Den
A graphically heavy (IMHO) but extremely thorough site belonging to Samson Dragon. I'm pretty sure that all the Ultimas are covered, and therefore there's plenty of resources as well as links. The specialty of the house, it seems is emulators - plenty to choose from, but make sure you have a legit copy!

The Trinsic Telegraph
Well...what can I say...It's the work of rec.games.computer.ultima.dragons' very own resident nutter Frenetic Dragon, along with a cast of oh, two at least. (I kid, Fren, if you're reading!) A very impressive site with much humor - like the owner - and one that welcomes submissions from fellow Ultima / UDIC fans.

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