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These are a few pages cooked up by Yours Truly - Michael Fleming aka Contrapuntal Dragon of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. Feel free to mail any comments, corrections or suggestions to the address at the bottom of the page.

Please note: I'm not an Origin employee, "l33t WaReZ D00d" or the Fountain of Knowledge :-) I can give hints on how to set up and play Ultima, of course, but as far as finding Ultimas (aside U4) you're on your own.
"Send game / file X via mail" requests will be treated as spam, and you don't want that. Trust me ;-)
TIA, 'punt.

I have created some themes for the WindowMaker X-Windows Manager available for the Linux operating system. (the OS of champions ;-))
I've whipped up three thus far:
An Ultima Online theme (screenshot) (download) (200K)
Lord British Castle - Hall (screenshot) (download) (45K)
Tenebrae (Pagan) (screenshot) (download) (114K)
I'm planning to make a few more, using some graphics from the canonical Ultimas, as well as some Sawmill or Enlightenment conversions (time and inclination permitting) Enjoy!

Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue Walkthrough
(Does anyone even read this anymore?)

The Lair of Contrapuntal Dragon

The Avatar and the AWE V2.0

Other sources of enlightenment

My entry in Geo's Who's Who

Download Ultima IV - legally!

Sir Geoffrey's Home used to be here, but he's retired, and no longer actively issuing NoCem notices

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